1. Baker coordinated these through a WhatsApp group.
  2. Families bickered on WhatsApp groups, and friends fell out.
  3. My practice started a WhatsApp group to keep one another updated.
  4. She started WhatsApp Group & collaborated to make the Toolkit doc.
  5. Melford set up WhatsApp groups for listeners to discuss the station.
  6. He also showed me a WhatsApp group he charged thousands of young people a £69.
  7. They were, variously, in several WhatsApp groups, and their messages were read out in court.
  8. Lahyani shares the most interesting videos on a WhatsApp group for all the top ATP chair umpires.
  9. The practice WhatsApp group has been renamed “Dream Team CoronaCombat” in an attempt at levity.
  10. 50am, Prenda wrote in the WhatsApp group they shared with a few other friends back in Seville, “Good morning.
  11. The criticism he had attracted for “degrading and offensive” WhatsApp group chats was “fully justified”.
  12. That year, he set up a Whatsapp group for male Muslim employees of the three schools run by the Trust to keep in touch.