1. Muslim, no.
  2. Hey Muslim!
  3. And the Muslims will win.
  4. He was Kanuri and Muslim.
  5. Chaudry was a devout Muslim.
  6. Ask the Muslims what changed.
  7. “I am a Muslim,” he said.
  8. Now you are becoming a Muslim.
  9. I knew the Muslim boy who did it.
  10. I told him I wasn’t Muslim either.
  11. I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islam.
  12. There are no Muslims in this village.
  13. Doesn’t that mean they’re Muslims?
  14. So why does Hindu-Muslim come into it?
  15. He was known as, quote, ‘Mr Muslim’.
  16. She was waiting for her Muslim boyfriend.
  17. I will bring Hindus and Muslims together.
  18. Muslims aren’t allowed here,” he said.
  19. and washed the feet of Muslim women refugees.
  20. “Bashko,” I said, “you are a Muslim.”
  21. “[Find] a real moderate Muslim,” he wrote.
  22. He is Hindu, but all his students were Muslims.
  23. Everyone knows Feroze Gandhi Khan was a Muslim.
  24. He is also sceptical of Muslims in public life.
  25. Muslims, again, are conspicuous by their absence.
  26. and “Muslims attack Christians in UK streets”.
  27. Every Muslim should be happy Geert Wilders exists.
  28. Muslims, too, are frequent victims of hate crimes.
  29. The mob seemed to know where each Muslim home was.
  30. They want to make us into a Muslim-majority nation.