1. Islam out of the UK!
  2. Making Islamic bombs!
  3. Islamic extremism and him?
  4. They make them into Islamists.
  5. Islam comes with a responsibility.
  6. The HCIM saw the bill as un-Islamic.
  7. Every day people embrace Islam more.
  8. I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islam.
  9. In Islamic law, that’s all it takes.
  10. She discussed Brexit and Islamophobia.
  11. Islam needs to get with the programme.
  12. Islam was a subject of particular concern.
  13. “We are at war with Islam,” he writes.
  14. He immediately did so: “radical Islam.”
  15. But what form of Islam are we talking about?
  16. And the principal fear is the fear of Islam.
  17. First, to crush political Islam in any form.
  18. global war” against “Islamic fascism”.
  19. If Islam is under attack, our duty is to help.
  20. Outraged, the Islamic Front demanded his release.
  21. Then Trump embraced the Islamophobes, unabashedly.
  22. I send it to everyone who follows Islam that I see.
  23. These universities abroad don’t just teach Islam.
  24. Their pictures should be showing the mercy of Islam.
  25. Someone described him as the Islamist [Noam] Chomsky.
  26. But the focus of his concerns soon switched to Islam.
  27. But another day he’d say: ‘I’m Islamic Jihad’.
  28. But his words are also relevant to the lands of Islam.
  29. Yes, I’m an Islamic State Hostage Get Me Out of Here!
  30. Ruqayah learned that they all attended Islamic schools.