1. But it was not a gift Indians wanted.
  2. Tweet your support to the Indian Farmers.
  3. All of us Indian kids were underperforming.
  4. After the act was passed, Indian gaming boomed.
  5. My brother and I were Indian-South-African-Dutch.
  6. But to be Indian is not to be poor or to struggle.
  7. These measures can be perplexing, even for Indians.
  8. Life in Kete, as in many Indian villages, was hierarchical.
  9. I once worked in an Indian restaurant while I was teaching.
  10. There is no law of the excluded middle in Indian philosophy.
  11. What self-respecting Indian, then or now, could live with that idea?
  12. Most rich Indians emit like typical middle-class Americans, at most.
  13. We bought sweets from Ambala, the best Indian confectioners in London.
  14. Another asked if anyone had bullets for a “315”, an Indian pistol.
  15. For one thing, surrogacy remains legal for heterosexual Indian couples.
  16. Between 1993 and 2013, Indian per capita GDP expanded from $298 to $1,452.
  17. The emergence of the Indian super-rich was bound up in larger global story.
  18. An Indian restaurant had been here since the 70s, and before that, a wool shop.
  19. One day he met an Indian spiritual teacher living in Queens called Sri Chinmoy.
  20. Abdul Sattar Edhi came to Karachi as a poor man from an Indian village in 1947.
  21. Indian newspapers speculated that he might be holed up in Hong Kong or New York.