1. In other words, he was a grinder.
  2. In other words, he was the victim.
  3. In other words, the pie gets bigger.
  4. In other words, does AI have rights?
  5. In other words, they overthink things.
  6. It was all in my head, in other words.
  7. Friends, in other words, were also lost.
  8. In other words: when it becomes denialism.
  9. In other words, anti-Zionism is Jew hatred.
  10. In other words, they threw everything askew.
  11. In other words, contact itself is not enough.
  12. In other words, did the informer system work?
  13. The neurochemical nitty-gritty, in other words.
  14. In other words, informers were to be protected.
  15. The 20th century, in other words, really is over.
  16. To be, in other words, erratic in one’s Marxism.
  17. In other words, he kept less than 1/30 of the take.
  18. In other words, cheating was built into the system.
  19. In other words: believe in my mission, believe in me.
  20. In other words, there was nothing substantial to leak.
  21. The ideal woman, in other words, is always optimizing.
  22. The Island changed, in other words, just as Britain did.
  23. There is the market, in other words, and there is relativism.
  24. Some performances “fit”, in other words, and others do not.
  25. It required, in other words, omniscience, and we can’t have that.
  26. Engineers are not immune to the forces of capitalism, in other words.
  27. Shutting it down, in other words, means the world has changed utterly.
  28. Vaccinating one part of the population, in other words, benefits another.
  29. Every messed-up element that had existed under apartheid, in other words.
  30. The kinds of people “superior persons” looked down on, in other words.