1. I wished that she would.
  2. Maybe I wished him good morning once,” he said.
  3. I wished them a safe trip and asked them to put our minds at rest when they arrived safely.
  4. I wished her good luck and gave her my phone number, which she saved in her phone before walking through the sliding metal gate back inside the centre.
  5. I wanted long, detailed conversations with him – I wished intensely for a translator – but with our pidgin mix of English and Somali we could only speak in broad terms.
  6. How I wished the Sunday Times had been profitable (the Times was too deep in the red) for then the whole deal would automatically go to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission.
  7. I wished it well in all its dealings, and was glad to take its side in any quarrel with the forces arrayed against it, but my regard for it was essentially abstract, and I would just as soon have left it to its own devices.