1. But most importantly, I am a Hindu.
  2. and “Wake up, Hindus, wake up!”
  3. So why does Hindu-Muslim come into it?
  4. I will bring Hindus and Muslims together.
  5. In Hinduism, the cow is revered as sacred.
  6. He is Hindu, but all his students were Muslims.
  7. Beef, Chauhan reminded me, was an affront to Hindus.
  8. He referred to Muslim Bollywood superstars with Hindu wives.
  9. Dozens of Muslims were killed by Hindus affiliated with the BJP.
  10. My father’s face lit up as he heard Muneer speak in Hindustani.
  11. The BJP leadership had found a new issue to rally their Hindu voters.
  12. We talked about Kashmir, about the Ram temple, about the Hindu nation.
  13. After all, why would a Hindu girl willingly fall in love with a Muslim?
  14. Down an alley of broken homes, I spotted a group of four young Hindu men.
  15. Most Muslim love jihadis, Chauhan insisted, disguise themselves as Hindus.
  16. To votaries of Hindutva, the country is best served if it is expunged of Islam.
  17. In the India that is, people are expected to vote as Hindus, but die as disposables.
  18. After all, how can the government of the new Hindu India be housed in old buildings?
  19. Muslims weave them, and Hindus sell them – they’ve been coexisting for centuries.
  20. The countryside is slowly reordering itself into Hindu- and Muslim-dominated pockets.
  21. After all, there was no real difference between Hindus and Muslims in India, he said.
  22. Hinduism, though, has no principal church, no single pontiff, nobody to ordain or rule.
  23. Out of a set of loudspeakers on the truck, music from the Hindutva songbook poured out.
  24. Chauhan describes himself as a foot soldier in the battle to save Hinduism from its enemies.
  25. His job, broadly, is to “spread awareness” of the evil designs of Hinduism’s many enemies.
  26. They were Meiteis – Hindus, like most residents of the Imphal valley, in the centre of Manipur.
  27. Of the Muslims who appealed, 90% were declared illegal immigrants; for Hindus, the figure was 40%.
  28. The logic was that marrying someone outside the Hindu fold would cause some sort of psychic schism.
  29. In many ways, Lord of Light was of its time, shaggy with imported Hindu mythology and cosmic dialogue.
  30. By then, as an RSS member, he’d already been committed to the concept of a Hindu nation for 43 years.