1. But the gist of what Johnny Brod was plotting went as follows.
  2. The book opened as follows: “Spies are with us all the time.
  3. The zombie scenario goes as follows: imagine that you have a doppelgänger.
  4. He expressed his idea as follows: “Where judicial settlement ends, war begins.”
  5. He described himself to me as “a jobseeker”; his question read as follows:Three out of four newly created jobs go to immigrants.
  6. “The Mayday Rescue Foundation, represented by its board member, Mr Johan Eleveld, has requested me to inform you as follows,” the letter began.
  7. The argument unfolds as follows: physicists have no problem accepting that certain fundamental aspects of reality – such as space, mass, or electrical charge – just do exist.
  8. “Just to confirm that this weeks’ [sic] meeting schedule is as follows …” When Nick Timothy did make suggestions, they were run by Little: “Are we not putting ‘two horse race’ on everything?”
  9. The effectiveness of such codes is demonstrated as follows: in Bangladesh, 256 factory fires occurred in the apparel industry between 1990 and 2012, resulting in the deaths of 1,300 workers and hundreds more injuries.
  10. Kammerer sums things up as follows: “We thus arrive at the image of a world-mosaic or cosmic kaleidoscope, which, in spite of constant shufflings and rearrangements, also takes care of bringing like and like together.”
  11. It is most simply stated as follows: If physicists have free will while performing experiments, then elementary particles possess free will as well, and this probably explains why and how humans have free will in the first place.
  12. Audrey Gelman, the company’s co-founder and CEO, often tells The Wing’s origin story roughly as follows: she was working as a press secretary, and later as a political consultant, dashing from city to city and from meetings to parties.
  13. Despite the fact that neither Mamet nor his clients could say precisely what the surrogate mothers were paid, the text on the company website read as follows: “This process allows them to guarantee the future of their families and children.”
  14. Colin Pope, the retired senior ecology officer who volunteered at the garden for five years before leaving in frustration, put it to me as follows: “John Curtis is a difficult person to work for and with, but he genuinely does want the garden to succeed.”