1. The Anthropocene is not only a period of manmade disruption.
  2. The Anthropocene has shown its fangs – on an as yet modest scale.
  3. The Anthropocene is what we usually call it – the age of humanity.
  4. Supporters wondered when they should date the Anthropocene’s start.
  5. We can’t police the word ‘Anthropocene’ beyond that,” he said.
  6. The Anthropocene epoch: have we entered a new phase of planetary history?
  7. “We have entered the Anthropocene,” said Back with a dramatic inflection.
  8. The awareness we’ve gained in the Anthropocene is not generally a happy one.
  9. Once you start listing these unsettling Anthropocene facts, there’s no end to it.
  10. But as the idea of the Anthropocene spread, it became harder for geologists to ignore.
  11. It is through hyperobjects that we initially confront the Anthropocene, Morton argues.
  12. In the Anthropocene, he writes, we are undergoing “a traumatic loss of coordinates”.
  13. If you had to select an avatar for the Anthropocene, Morton might be an appropriate choice.
  14. We may live in our own self-titled epoch – the Anthropocene – but termites run the dirt.
  15. Agreeing the start-date, Gibbard warned, could be the Anthropocene’s “stumbling block”.
  16. The focus on the human enshrined in the term Anthropocene is a particular target for critics.
  17. Academics both inside and outside geology have noted the Anthropocene’s political implications.
  18. This did not bode well for Zalasiewicz as he began to put together the Anthropocene working group.
  19. But there’s another twist: even though humans have caused the Anthropocene, we cannot control it.