The Perwad Lab

StoS - Spelling to Sound

Time to upgrade your spelling pronunciation!
A simple phonetics game based on the IPA pronunciation. Most useful and common English words are listed in this game and it will cover up to 90% of the words you need. The patterns of these words will help you to figure out the pronunciations of other words.

Minimal Pairs Listed

Conquer confusing sound pairs
and difficult sound combinations!
You know how to produce all English sounds, but your ear can't discern some sounds, like L×R for Japanese. Indians may be troubled with pairs V×W and θ×ð.
  1. Identify confusing sound pairs and difficult sound combinations.
  2. Pronounce aloud those words and listen to your utterance.
  3. Practise daily until you are no longer confused with the sound pairs.
  4. Practise difficult sound combinations until it is effortless to produce.

Minimal Pairs Perception

Train your ears to improve the perception of sounds.

Try Connected Speech

With the story The North Wind and the Sun
Practise connected speech with the broad transcription, narrow transcription and audio of the story "The North Wind and the Sun".

Audio Clip Player

Mark a portion of audio
and play the clip forever!
  • Get some audios of your favourite narrator.
  • Play an audio and mark a portion of the audio.
  • Play the clip and pay attention to the narrator's pitch,
    pace, stress, intonation, enunciation etc.
  • Practise by imitating the narrator.