Assembly programming is worth learning?

C language was my favorite programming tool during my undergraduate and postgraduate. I was keen on optimizing c-programs for speed. The quest for speed drove me to the world of assembly programming. Assembly is the only language that will support to produce highly optimized code. I felt I found the path to attain enlightenment. But […]

Show, don’t tell: The first rule of writing

I usually pay the bill before having tea from tea shop. I fear I may leave without paying. Some shopkeepers will tell: “Have it first, pay next.” Some other shopkeepers will give a lecture on their service. I can’t stand for such mokka1 dialogues. That will make me wrinkle up my nose. But I will […]

Improving the Design of Code after Written

I am basically a PHP programmer; always writing code in procedural way. A PHP developer won’t get much chance to apply object oriented concepts; the server side functionality will be simpler or most of the classes will be already available in the PHP framework he is using. A few months ago, I started working on […]

Skepticism on Software Requirement

I am always skeptical about everything which I cannot understand or I am not familiar with. It often leads me to troubles. In such troubles, I realizes I should speak or take decision based on the proper understanding of the things. Once one of my colleague was worried about the difficulty of implementing a part […]

Page Views Count

Page views count is the count of number of times a webpage has been viewed. It can be used to list the most read articles. Users may increase page views to make their article most read. Such fake views should be omitted from calculating the count. Website should identify each users in order to avoid […]